Wednesday, January 28, 2009

ALL politicians are evil

Time to celebrate, be full of hope, and prepare for change.   We're on the road to peace, never mind the chaos.  Yeah well, I drank the kool aid, did not vote third party, and supported the world leader pretend.  Lauded by the masses, heralded by the entertainment elite, and even many legend in their own time types.  We are in a great and historic time.  Can we not all Feel It?  The wheels were set in motion a long time ago and there are no brakes on this train.  The nanny state rules and owns all.  You can't even buy alcohol laced with caffeine any more. No one is supposed to stay awake: drink, eat, smoke, sleep, sleep, sleep. Trillions will be spent and then in short order, trillions more will be spent again. Your children's children's children's children will pay the bill. Beholden to whom?  Who cares, it's an Economic Armageddon, print more money a...print more money b...print more money c...easy as 1, 2, 3...

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