Thursday, January 20, 2011

Note to our leaders regarding China

When inviting someone to your house or the capital of your country for a big fancy party, such as an Official State Dinner, one should refrain from insulting them or calling them names. The Senate Majority Leader and House Minority Leader just could not help themselves. The Majority Leader calls President Hu of China a dictator, but then wants a picture of them together smiling in his office. So self important is the Minority Leader that the Tibetan Freedom movement and the last winner of the Nobel Peace Prize simply must be brought up right now in front of the reporters when it will cause maximum embarrassment and attention to the most important person in the room - herself.

If real progress is to made on diplomatic issues, it seems that the best way to raise them with the guest of the big party you threw would be when reporters are not present. When sensitive issues are raised in private real progress may at least be possible. This is called being diplomatic. When you insult or embarrass someone in the public eye it tends to make them think, "I'm not doing anything for this jerk". Par for the course I guess that our leaders make the United States look foolish and China appear confident and in control. If you can't help but insult and embarrass your guest of honor, then perhaps you never should have thrown a party to begin with. When you behave as our leaders have during the expensive party, then it was just a big waste of tax dollars.

Friday, December 3, 2010

Rudimentary Peni, Death Church album

I tell you about the animals -
how they suffer how they die
You try to hide guilty doubt -
from me with an appeasing smile
You never want responsibility -
for this murderous cruelty
The wasteful piles of blood-soaked bodies -
You won't let your conscience see
Ask yourself what makes you want this -
torn ripped flesh so desperately
Are you worthy of having this suffering -
brought about to fuel your greed???
Not satisfied with killing animals -
you're killing millions of people as well
As the numbers increase of those dying -
in your man made 3rd World Hell
Millions dying all the time -
locked in your abattoir of greed
Whilst you destroy them + yourself -
by taking much more than you need
There is no justice in this death -
no illusion I'll let you hide behind
The tradition you use to hide animal murder -
is nothing but a thin disguise

"Pig in a blanket" by Rudimentary Peni

Written by Schizoaffective genius Nick Blinko way back in 1983. Took this long to discover via late night Zeb's Film Circus on public access channel 16 (Schenectady, NY - the city that used to light and haul the world). Couldn't quite make out all the lyrics or figure out who it was from the TV. Finally got it and now that the lyrics are clear...sort of makes me feel I should (at least) eat less meat. Record is out of print and called Death Church. They are still making music today too. Dark Dark Dark UK Punk music. Thanks Zeb. Thanks Nick...

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

One if by Fire

My view of our beautiful world started to develop at very young age.  I was fascinated by space travel, science, chemistry, biomedical engineering, and computers.  My dad bought the Apple II plus (with 64k memory upgrade and the 80 column card) sometime after 1978 and I loved messing around on it. I'd have to say that played a large part in bringing me to my current profession in IT.  I was also fascinated by race cars, motorcycles (Evel Knieval), fighter airplanes (all jets and the P51-D Mustang), fire, and guns.  I had a chemistry set and knew what the good things were that you used to be able to buy at the drug store or local supermarket.  I did quite a bit of experimenting.

Mostly with fire.  I'm lucky that I did not burn down my parents house or our neighbors house.  We (I had accomplices which will remain unnamed) messed around with gasoline, kerosene, lighter fluid, firecrackers, homemade smoke bombs (sugar & saltpeter cooked on the stove to just before it explodes into flame), sparklers, caps (great source of a pile of highly flammable powder), old school flash bulbs (magnesium wired to explode with brilliant light), and of course all sorts of matches. 

I loved World War II movies or anything with really fast cars or airplanes on TV. My view of the world started to change and become, lets say, more adult around 1984.  The first taste I had of mankind's true nature and place in the world of the future came around 1984.  There was the American version and the British version.  I'm not sure which one came out first, but I do know that the first one I saw was The Day After.  Next came Threads which was even more realistic in many ways since it delved far more deeply into what the future might be like if there are mammals around to see it.

This is one of the many reasons why the following article is no surprise at all to me:

To be a child of the 21st century is to know what the future holds.  I am a child of 'Generation X' who studied Computer Science in college with a minor in Environmental Science.  Yes, that's right I used to think I might use computers to save the world or something.  I guess now I am just content to say 'Fuck It' since there is nothing I can do that will prevent our inevitable future from arriving.

I'm just trying to enjoy every new day like the gift it is, content to know that I have no control over the forces that control our future.  That is not to say that we should not reduce consumption and our ecological footprint as Americans, but just know that the end is near and there is not a thing you can do about it...

Monday, March 23, 2009

There is no problem that can not be solved with another Trillion Dollars.

Thursday, February 19, 2009

A huge bill that is full of wasteful spending, will not be read by the public, and will not be read by the legislators before they pass it since it must be passed immediately.  That's not change, that's more of the same...

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Not approved by armynavyairforcemarineshealthagency

You will not take that, it's not mine.
You will not read this, it's not mine.
Observe, the train runs on time.
You may not keep more, that is mine.
You may not buy those, they are mine.
Observe, the train runs on time.
You shall not try that, it's not fine.
You shall not seek these, they're not mine.
Observe, the train runs on time.
Thou shall not take that,
read this,
keep more,
buy those, 
try that,
or seek these.
Observe their unapproved status and board the train.
It's on time.
You are old, just die.
The States have no use for you now...